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Why we do it

There are good products and there are really great products. Great products are not only superior in their core functionalities, they deliver genuine emotional experience.  We are deeply fascinated by such great products as they are often the results of passionate efforts in fusing art and science.  We want to share our obsessions with our readers.

CEO Gear is a shortlist of the best gadgets and gear in the categories we cover – ranging from headphones to wireless speakers, to smart living. Everything we list is a notable product, and we don’t present you with anything but the things we love. Our Price Radar scans prices across the internet everyday, and presents you with the best prices, so that you won’t have to.

Our objective is to help our readers make the right decisions on gear purchases, cutting through the noise. Instead of overwhelming our readers with imperceptive technical details, we focus on the lifestyle impact as well as the overall experience of each product in our shortlist.

The products we shortlist are the same products we recommend to our friends and family, and these are often the same products we use in daily life.

How to support our work

CEO Gear is run by expert users, enthusiasts and veteran editors from publications of note. We pride ourselves on following the same professional journalistic standards and ethics as other reputable publications, and we maintain editorial independence from our business operations. We make product recommendations without regard to advertising, or any other business concern. We are, as a publisher, proud of the quality and the independent nature of our editorial process and work.

You can support our work simply by reading about the gear we have shortlisted and buying through the links and banners on our pages.