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Libratone Q Adapt AptX Bluetooth On-Ear Wireless Headphone

Brand: :Libratone


Libratone Q Adapt On-Ear is a stylish and comfortable headphone for those on the move

Design & Functionality
4.3 out of 5
Build Quality
4 out of 5
Overall Experience
4.3 out of 5
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Libratone Q Adapt On-Ear is a gorgeous on-ear headphone with minimalist Scandinavian design. It is a stylish and comfortable headphone for those on the move.

You get 20 hours of playback time without wires. The intuitive touch interface at the ear-cups’ backcovers allows you to conveniently play, pause, change tracks, and adjust volume, among other functionalities. Built-in microphone allows you to take phone calls in any environment wirelessly, while its active noise cancellation minimizes background noise.

Libratone Q Adapt On-Ear’s CityMix Adjustable Noise Cancellation (ANC) can be set at 4 different levels:

Level 1) Passthrough – Allows you to talk to people around you without taking off the headphone.
Level 2) Passive ANC – Enjoy music with maximum awareness and safety, perfect for activities like cycling, commuting or working out.
Level 3) 50% ANC – Enjoy music with awareness in noisy environment. Majority of outside noises are cut out.
Level 4) 100% ANC – This is the most immersive level, allowing you to indulge yourself in music with minimal background noise. Less than 10% of outside noise is passed through.

Libratone Q Adapt is available in 2 neutral colors, Stormy Black and Cloudy White. The sound Libratone Q Adapt is smooth and acceptable in most aspects, although not spectacular. We do not have much to complain about, but there are better overall sounding on-ear headphones out there, such as the Sennheiser HD1 Wireless On-Ear headphone and Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless On-Ear headphone.

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The name Libratone comes from combining the words ‘liberation’ and ‘tone’, which describes the mission of the brand. Libratone is a Scandinavian "lifestyle" audio gear company, founded in 2009 by 3 Danish entrepreneurs. Its products focus on wireless connectivities marriage with elegant Libratone design language. Its product lines consist of easy-to-use, modern lifestyle wireless speakers, wireless headphones and earphones with Bluetooth and Airplay technologies.
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