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Dyson AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan

Brand: :Dyson


Dyson AM07’s bladeless design make it one of the safest fan available. It is also one of the best fans money can buy.

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Dyson AM07‘s bladeless design make it one of the safest fan available. It is also one of the best fans money can buy.

Using a fan should be a simple, straightforward experience. The average tower fan features a limited number of speed settings like high, medium and low. This Dyson fan has a different function, similar to a light dimmer switch that enables you to adjust the speed of airflow with the turn of a knob. This allows you to find the perfect fan speed for any room where you use the fan.

The Dyson AM07 looks very different from most tower fans. Most noticeable is the lack of blades or a grill; you can see right through the center. This departure from traditional, bladed fans brings about the question, how does it work? It takes air in through its base unit and pushes the air with a quiet, yet powerful, Air Multiplier fan. The fan blows it up and through the loop, forcing the air out in a comfortable level of airflow.

You will notice, however, that the airflow produced from a Dyson AM tower fan feels different from traditional fans. Dyson describes this difference as a lack of the buffeting you normally feel from the air being chopped and pushed forward with wide blades. Without this buffeting, the flow is smooth and constant, resulting in a more peaceful effect from the airflow.

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Dyson is a British consumer electronics company founded in 1987 by James Dyson. It is known for its high-end bladeless fans and the innovative vacuum cleaners featuring Cyclone technology that omit the needs for dust bags.Dyson's current product line consist of hair dryers, bladeless fans, vacuum cleaners, LED task lights and hand dryers.
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