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Our revolutionary Price Radar scans the price of this item across the internet everyday and present you with the best deal. Silver Mother is an universal monitoring solution. Mother is a family of incredibly smart sensors that you can set to monitor whatever you care about. It is like having tens of devices in just one elegant solution.

It’s a stat-keeper, a data-visualizer, and a life coach. It won’t control the smartware you already have, but it does eliminate the need for a few single-purpose devices, such as door sensors and basic fitness trackers.

Its companion apps help you feel better, gain peace of mind, know yourself and your environment, and make life easier. Mother will be able to help you in an increasing number of areas of your daily life. Select one or more of its dozen of Apps that meets your needs and concerns. Mother and its sensors will seamlessly adapt. Not all concerns last a lifetime. Once your problem is solved, simply choose another App.

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