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KEF Porsche Design “Gravity One” AptX Bluetooth Portable Wireless Speaker

Brand: :KEF , Porsche Design

$380.00 $379.99

While bearing 2 premium brand names, KEF and Porsche Design, Gravity One is surprisingly affordable.

Design & Functionality
4.6 out of 5
Build Quality
4.5 out of 5
Overall Experience
4.6 out of 5
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KEF Porsche Design “Gravity One” is a premium portable wireless speaker developed under the collaboration between the renown British Audio Gear company KEF, and Porsche Design of Germany.

Cues of Porsche Designs’ cool minimalist styling is spotted all over Gravity One. Cased in thick aircraft grade aluminum with sandblasted matte dark metallic finish, Gravity One is a well designed, and solidly made wireless speaker.

You get CD quality sound wirelessly via its Bluetooth AptX™ connectivity, and 10 hours of wireless playback time. Driven by KEF’s trademark Uni-Q driver, the mid-range and treble units are mounted precisely at the exact same acoustic center, delivering sound from the same point in space.

While bearing 2 premium brand names, KEF and Porsche Design, Gravity One is surprisingly affordable. We give it rave ratings for its industrial designs, build quality, sound and overall great value.

Take a look at KEF Porsche Design “Space One” noise-cancelling headphone while you are here, it is another successful product from the same collaboration effort between KEF and Porsche Design.


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Raymond Cooke, an electrical engineer founded KEF in 1961, in Tovil, Maidstone, England to produce audio devices. The founder pioneered the 'Total System Design' methodology in the 1970s, which propelled the brand to become one of the two most recognizable British speaker brands, along with Bowers & Wilkins.KEF presently produces home HiFi speakers, portable wireless speakers, home theater systems, headphones, and architectural speakers for  the upper-middle market. Its products are well made, sounds good, and lifestyle friendly as its R&D, designs and productions of its flagship products are still carried out in the original Tovil facility in England.
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